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QC2.0 Charging Solution[ 08-14 11:46 ]
 Nowadays,QC2.0 fast charge have PI ,IWAT and Fairchild solution,which are suitable for Sumsung,Huawei,MI,GIONEE and so on.Shell uses IWAT solution.Comparing to normal charging,QC2.0 will be charging faster than it and meets the users demand of emergent c...
Type C Connector[ 07-21 08:48 ]
    Type C connector has no requirement on diagram design of chargers, except that connector shape and dimension is different from normal USB. In general, USB type-C has features as below: 1. Maximum data transfer speed can reach 10 Gbit/S, this is ...
Charger's temperature standard[ 07-03 10:16 ]
 Smartphone charger is belong to IT category,its safety standard is EN60950-1 or UL60950-1,and CLASS-B is the level of insulation.According to safety requirement, each components temperature can not exceed the rated temperature,for example,transformer sho...
Charging time for smartphone&tablet[ 06-19 14:24 ]
Nowadays,charging time for smartphone&tablet is decided by battery capacity.For example,there has a 5000mAH battery in Ipad&Samsung,it will takes about 7-8 hours to full the ipad or Sumsung.
What is the differrence between UL and ETL?[ 06-12 11:05 ]
UL & ETL is product approval which certifies that products pass testing in NRTL(Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory)and confirm to relative safety standard. UL & ETL approvals certify that manufacturer consents to accept regulating inspection, so as to make product quality in conformity. That means the actual difference lies in services. As ETL customer, they can have customized services like testing, inspecting and certifying, as well as short operating lead-time and flexible working mode. ETL is now developing a tighter-cooperating working mode, which makes products made by factory to b
How to know loading&protected current?[ 06-03 11:40 ]
 Loaded current of product means rated current which is maximum working current conforming to product safety standard. Protected current is the rate&n...
why charger output will be protected?[ 05-27 11:35 ]
When the required output current of user's device is larger than rated output current of charger, the charger will be in protected status,or when output end is short-circuit, the charger will be in protected status also.
what is the effect of cable voltage drop to charger outputs and how to identify its standard value?[ 05-20 10:50 ]
If cable voltage drop is too big, the voltage in the end of mobile phone will be lower, so full charging time will be longer. At present, there is no specific standard in this aspect. According to iPhone standard, the voltage in the end of mobile phone is over 4.7V.
How to realize QC 2.0 quick charging?[ 05-13 09:42 ]
 Nowadays, quick charger uses Qualcomm charging solution, the output voltage adopts voltage of three sections, that is 5V,9V and 12V. according to need of mobile phone, the charger outputs different voltage. Then it realize quick charging by charging mana...
If all of SHELL wall charger get over current protection, how to set the over current?[ 05-07 10:56 ]
In condition of using charger without current dividing to charge mobile phone which need 0.5A or 1A, the charging current will not over exceed what is required. All of car charger & travel charger SHELL produced have over current protection, usually the over current output current is 1.3-2 times of rated output current.
Wall charger insulation function explain?[ 04-22 10:23 ]
 Insulation plate has two functions, one is to isolate primary & secondary ciruit and increase creepage distances. Another one is to isolate electronic part nearby so as to avoid short circuit.To be detailed,in safety regulation, space requirement exi...
How to identify the current of Smart IC?[ 04-15 10:10 ]
 Smart IC can detect different brand of mobile phone by D+ / D-, also it can change D+/D- to match different phone, in this way, it can identify the different current to charge different brand of mobile phone in the market.
How long will my Pocket Socket last?[ 11-20 14:50 ]
This product has intentionally been constructed from durable materials. You should expect it to last for several years under normal use. It comes with a 1 year warranty. SHELL has a recycling program that provides very reasonable repair cost or replacement parts should it ever wear out.
My device charges from a USB, will it still work with the Pocket Socket?[ 11-20 14:49 ]
Yes, all that is required is a USB outlet converter, which will allow your product to plug into the Pocket Socket. These are cheaply available at most electronics retailers.
How does it work?[ 11-20 14:48 ]
Turning the hand crank on the Pocket Socket drives a generator inside the device creating electrical power. This power is converted electronically to 120 volts, the same voltage as a household outlet.
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